Eclypsya - A fire in a cercle ...

When night falls in the desert nomadic tribes start setting up their tents, for one night at one place. Later, they will come together around a camp fire sharing a convival meal and daily stories ...

The Arkiane designers have indeed been inspired by the nomadic life when creating Eclypsya. An innovative technical concept enables to remove the fireplace from one place to another in order to illuminate and to heat different rooms : the living room on cold winter evenings, the sleeping room on rainy April days, the terrace during long summer nights.


The Arkiane designers created a classical and ethetical shape without any visible flue pipe, covering the smokes’ evacuation underneeth the floor. The result : Eclypsya looks like a fire cercle in your room.

Heat efficiency
Thanks to the secondary air inlet and the post combustion system ECLYSPYA reach a heat efficiency of 78% an output of 12kW.

The nomadic principe

You could easily move éclypsya from one place to another with its special support on four wheels.

This way, you will enjoy your fireplace all around the year.

In addition to that, you could turn éclypsya into the direction you want (360° rotation).

EclypsyaTechnical caracteristics 

Output : 12 KW/H 
Heating volume : 230 m3
Weight : 140 kg 
Materials : Steel - stainless steel
Finishing : High temperature paint anthacite color 
Glass : 4 mm thick ceramic glass (750°)
Logs length :  50 cm 
Ash tray : yes
Options : - nomade kit, - supplementary flue connecting piece