The Kephren pyramid, built many centuries ago, stands next to the great Sphinx, and still mystifies those who observe it.

Arkiane has created a new concept with this timeless form: a fireplace without any apparent smoke shaft, a marvel for your entourage. Here, everything is but flames and beauty, freedom, calm and serenity.

Our secret:
Four tubes hidden behind the cover’s stiles draw the smoke and evacuate it by a horizontal tube linked to a vertical chimney.

In addition to the beauty of the Kephren fireplace itself, you will surely appreciate being able to look at the fire from all 4 sides, plus the comfort of the heat radiating from the base.


This new concept of smoke evacuation from underneath, with an air vacuum, enables you to freely choose where to place your fireplace: in the middle of a room, elevated, or at an angle. The horizontal duct may run at ground level hidden under a platform, or under the floor.

Kephren Technical Features

Output : 12 KW/H 
Room Size / Heating Volume : 250 m3 
Weight : 196 kg 
Material :A 33 - 3 mm
Finish : Charcoal gray High temperature
Glass : 4 mm ceramic glass (750°C resistance)
Insulation of buttress and handles by ceramic fiber
Joints ceramic joints
Options : 4-side grating, cover cap extension panel, draught vacuum 1200m3/h, horizontal connection flue


3 positions for open cover cap:

 1. Installation with horizontal underground flue

2. Installation with underground flue : 

Stainless steel flue pipe Ø 155 in 20 x 20 clay stones passing under the floor

3. Installation with above ground flue :

Horizontal connection flue 10 x 18 over the floor, hidden by a platform